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An Update on Funds Raised (24 Nov 2021)

Hi everyone.

Thank you for the generous support in the time since this campaign began. We understand from the bus drivers that in total, $71583.76 was raised across the different platforms. Of this amount, $56010.46 was transferred to Mr. Ravi to cover fees and disbursements. After deducting any other platform transactions fees, the amount with the drivers currently is $14459.46.

The drivers are looking for confirmation from Mr. Ravi of the total legal costs incurred for the two year period in which he represented the drivers. They are also seeking for any excess funds held by Mr. Ravi, to be returned to them.

The remaining funds and any excess transferred back will be used by the drivers to cover any further legal costs as they go forward with their case. We understand that the new lawyer has agreed to represent them on a pro bono basis, but there will still be court fees that need covering. Any remainder from there will be given in mutual aid to the drivers who are in financial need. There will be no further fundraising at present.

In our capacity as workersmakepossible, we will continue to report on the proceedings of the case and highlight issues critical to workers’ rights in Singapore.

Once again, thank you very much for your support.

#ridersfordrivers is a solidarity campaign to crowdfund legal costs and financial aid for 13 bus drivers who are taking SBS Transit to court, as they believe that they have been underpaid and overworked for years, in violation of their contracts and the Employment Act.

The case asks important questions, like how many consecutive days workers can be made to work without rest, whether overtime can be mandated, and how overtime pay is calculated. Crucially, it also asks if the Employment Act allows for some labour protections to be overridden in the case of essential workers. 

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